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In 2007, Mae D. Killebrew-Mosley, founder and President, established Markets Demand More, LLC (mdm), a human resource consulting firm with a focus on workforce development and training. After many years as a corporate executive for a large fortune 500 company in the midwest, Mosley made the decision to launch her business modeling many of the concepts and practices she developed in her professional career.

In 2011, the firm expanded and increased the staff to include four (4) consultants and four (2) interns. The expansion allowed more focus on specialized sales training, marketing, staff development, diversity and inclusion, establishing non-profits, board development, and business planning. The firm specializes in human resource and training to support the financial viability of small businesses by using large corporate business concepts and techniques.

MDM H R Consulting operates across the state of Tennessee with various public and private sector entities offering a variety of human resource services including; HR compliance, employee relations, union contract interpretations and labor relations, performance management, training and development, strategic planning, executive leadership coaching, personal career coaching, mentoring, team building, diversity initiatives, EEOC, affirmative action, public relations, marketing, and business analysis.

MDM HR Consulting is here for you. For small firms who do not have human resource support, we provide the same quality of service as large firms receive. For firms with established HR departments, we serve as an extended arm to your human resource staff. Big or small projects, short term or long term needs, we are prepared to assist you with your human resource and business needs.

MDM HR Consulting is best known for the high degree of attention given to performance efficiency. The firm places strong emphasis on identifying inefficiencies in productivity and performance. We take pride in knowing our clients receive the greatest amount of productivity in the shortest amount of time with the lowest number of people required to get the job done. We decrease your operating cost to increase your bottom line by using Industrial Engineering Standards. Our clients have measurable performance goals with deliverables they can believe in.

Our primary role is to assist clients with identifying their needs, and developing action plans designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale. MDM H R Consulting is committed to providing leading edge HR infrastructure support and exemplary customer service to improve organizational performance.

Markets Demand More, LLC has been honored around the state for its excellence in business.

On May 2, 2014, the Knoxville Chamber of Commerce recognized the firm for it's commitment to business excellence. The team was honored to participate in this grand event!  

Congratulations to the Team!

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